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Fitness Tip # 3

Ways to relieve computer fatigue

Raise your left arm above your head.
With your right hand begin to squeeze at the wrist and in a ‘milking’ motion move down your arm.
Do this twice and then switch arms.

Fitness Tip # 2

Relieving pressure from the lower back.
When sitting at a desk for a while, stand and take a walk. Walk to the bathroom, the kitchen, or if you work at home, up and down the stairs. It will get the blood flowing and take off pressure from sitting for too long a period.

Fitness Tip # 1

Wrist rolls.

When your hands get cramped or fingers get irritated, try a wrist roll. Keeping your arms still, roll your wrists three times around to the right. Then do the same thing to the left. It’ll help with circulation and keep you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Health Tip # 4

Reacting to the Cold:
It’s a subconscious reaction to raise your shoulders and pull them tighter when its cold. People believe this to help. IT DOESN”T! It only leaves you with shoulder pains and tense muscles.

Health Tip # 3

The Power of Touching
‘Science tells us that a touch triggers the release of brain endorphins:
an endogenous analgesic more powerful than heroin or morphine. But touch
is more than just a scientific confluence of brain chemicals.’

Health Tip # 2

Pumpkin Seeds are a great source of health!
Pumpkin seeds can help with:

High Source of Protein
…Kidney Stones
Many others…..

Health Tip #1

Water is always good to drink. Sometimes too much water can be a problem. After too much water, one can feel groggy and run down. SWITCH to cranberry juice, apple juice, Smart Water, Gator Aid… That will continue to flush toxins out, but will keep the electrolytes in your body.

* 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water daily for optimal health.

* Don’t wait until you are thirsty before drinking water.

* Drink more than enough water to satisfy your thirst.

* Drink an additional 8 ounces of water at least 30 minutes prior to any sports event.

* One cup of cool water every 15 to 20 minutes during an activity is right for most athletes.