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Fitness Tip # 5


It does a body good!

Fitness Tip # 4

Proper Sleep

Adequate sleep (between 7 – 9 hours nightly) is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy body because that is when the body rebuilds itself. During the night, human growth hormone triggers proteins throughout the body to build new cells and repair any damage. It is only released during sleep which is why getting the proper amount of sleep is so important.

Ways Proper Sleep can help maintain good health:

Helps keep your heart healthy

Reduces Stress

Reduces Inflamation

Increases Memory

Keeps you more alert

Increases productivity

Reduces Risk of Depression

Repairs the body

Fitness Tip # 3

Ways to relieve computer fatigue

Raise your left arm above your head.
With your right hand begin to squeeze at the wrist and in a ‘milking’ motion move down your arm.
Do this twice and then switch arms.

Fitness Tip # 2

Relieving pressure from the lower back.
When sitting at a desk for a while, stand and take a walk. Walk to the bathroom, the kitchen, or if you work at home, up and down the stairs. It will get the blood flowing and take off pressure from sitting for too long a period.

Fitness Tip # 1

Wrist rolls.

When your hands get cramped or fingers get irritated, try a wrist roll. Keeping your arms still, roll your wrists three times around to the right. Then do the same thing to the left. It’ll help with circulation and keep you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.