Credentials/Outside interests

Eric graduated the Florida School of Massage in 1992 and after scoring 100% on the  practical “Hands-On” part of the state exam, received his license. It was in Florida that Eric co-founded the “Massage For Life” AIDS Benefit; the first of several.

Eric transferred his license to Washington State in 1994 and opened his own business in 1999.

Combining love of massage with the love of theater, Eric has been the exclusive licensed massage therapist for several members in the traveling tours of: RiverDance, Chicago, Dance Troup of Harlem, RENT, A Chorus Line, and several other shows.

Outside of the office Eric loves traveling and does so as often as he can. His published writing includes travel articles, celebrity interviews, theater reviews, and short stories can be found at his FREELANCE WRITER website. His novels include (click on the cover for information):

The Jesus Injection.jpg       Balls      cover

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